An Overview Of The Lacie D2 Quadra Hard Disk

An Overview Of The Lacie D2 Quadra Hard Disk

LaCie d2 Quadra hard plate, especially the 301442U model, accompanies one port for eSATA 3 Gbit; one port for FireWire 400; two ports for FireWire 800 and one port for USB 2.0. The links for each association will be advantageously added to the drives. The fourfold program makes all the Lacie d2 models ideal for strenuous interactive media applications which require outrageous speed, notwithstanding widespread association.

The LaCie d2 Quadra hard circle works with Windows, which incorporates Vista and also Mac OS or much higher. In the event that you claim one of the Leopard 10.5 models, this hard circle will work with a Time Machine and mechanically moves down framework records, accounts, applications, inclinations, photographs, music, reports and films on Mac outer drives to make it less demanding for recouping any documents.

Intended for clients like video editors, this d2 Quadra incorporates a pivoting speed of 7200 cycles for every moment and additionally a capacity store for no under 16 MB. Perfect for electronic substance creation, video/sound altering, web movement, DVD composing and that’s just the beginning, which implies that it can deal with various testing proficient undertakings. This could likewise be utilized through FireWire or even connected to a DV camera gadget and can be bootable in Mac FireWire and in the eSATA intended for PC/Mac.

The d2 Quandra has a capacity of 1000 GB or 1 TB, which implies that it is conceivable to store a large number of pictures; 70 hour video clasps and several tunes. If you purchase a few drives, you can daisy chain them and after that indicate on RAID-1 to get information assurance and excess or even RAID-0 to get significantly higher speed. For the individuals who have distinctive necessities for capacity, it’s likewise conceivable to choose from the 750 GB or 500 GB adaptations.

As a rule, Lacie d2 Quadra hard plate is an appealing, special and commonsense drive which gives magnificent warmth scattering capacities and capacity decisions for stacking. There is a fanless aluminum configuration to guard the drive quiet and constantly.